Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Well done PSM Healthcare - glass half full service

In the process of innovation, we're bound to make a mistake. How a business deals with mistakes can make the difference between glass half full and glass half empty.

The glass was definitely not half full for my wife Marie. Her bottle of "fresh as!" shower gel had fallen off it's hook, breaking its nozzle in the process, and oozed more than half its contents down the drain. It was like a murder scene with no victim and orange, gelatinous blood.

There was no explicit return policy on the packaging, but Marie saw nothing to lose by ringing the toll-free number.

The person on the other end was just that - a real person, who listened to Marie's dilemma, empathised and let Marie know this was a common problem that the manufacturers were working on. She then offered to send two replacement bottles to Marie.

Well done PSM Healthcare, for providing very human and very responsive customer service. One suggestion: make it explicit on your packaging that people can expect real help, and even replacement product if they're not satisfied, when they ring your 0508 number.

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