Sunday, 18 March 2007

Weekend viewing in brief

Fantastic Four: Fantastic entertainment. Not an art movie, nor a deep character study, but a rollicking good ride that combined special effects with interesting characters. Nice special features on the DVD too - a fun commentary with Jessica Alba, Ioan Gruffudd and Michael Chiklis, as well as a gruelling doco following the four on their PR tour opening the film. Makes you think twice about being a movie star!

Two Weeks Notice: Had some really funny moments - and Grant and Bullock are great comedic actors - but the story kind of dragged in parts. It was a pretty predictable story, which you normally tackle by making the journey full of unexpected twists and turns. This story didn't, and suffered for it.

Both of these movies used humour and improv for those really magical touches. There's just something about improv that makes it seem so incredibly well written "That's just so real!". Well, because it is.

I've also been watching the video podcast from - interesting to see what's the most popular. We still love spectacle, and it's interesting to see the number of videos that feature real life special effects, for instance urban acrobats or men in coats (which I remember seeing about 5 years ago!).

I guess what I'm saying - not that I meant to say anything - is that entertainment audiences today are searching for authenticity. Humanity. Oh the humanity.

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