Saturday, 29 March 2008

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Q: Hi Simon and welcome to Askablogr! Love the post about getting your chutzpah back - I know how that feels. When you get a sec, will you please introduce youself and your blog to the community? Cheers!
Posted by Chris DeVore

A: Hi Chris! Thanks so much for your coment.

I'm a guy from New Zealand who's passionate about marketing, entrepreneurship and the future of business. I have a habit of trying out new things (hence signing up to askablogr - nice interface by the way!) and help others find the new things that are right for them.

I run two businesses, SimonYoungWriters and iJump, and am part of and A Bigger Voice (site coming soon).

Mad Young Thing is the place where I collect my random, and potentially interesting, thoughts about business, life, spirituality, writing, reading, movies, music, entertainment and books I'm reading.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Jump In #17: Breakthrough Strategist Jake Pearce

This week we talk blogging with breakthrough strategist and Generation C expert Jake Pearce. Hear how a solo consultant uses blogging to amplify word of mouth, and get his ideas across. And dont forget to send your audio or video comment to to be in to win Joseph Jaffes amazing book Join the Conversation!  


Morning Falun Gong
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This morning as I dropped my gym bag in the car and headed towards the train, I saw a group of Falun Gong members, meditating in the morning sunlight.

There's something amazing about stillness, about discipline, that really shines like a blazing star in a dark world.

What if I'd tried to disturb them? I don't know. But I suspect their discipline didn't just extend to getting up early in the morning. True discipline prepares itself for disturbance. A deeply significant thought as my life feels busier than it's ever been.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Jumpin #16 ASB bank's iwantahome corporate blog part 2

(Find out more at This week we continue our discussion with Toby Hilless and Janet Meacher from ASB Bank, about their blog Learn: ...Why it's worth blogging ...How to make a blog part of your daily routine ...How to get started in blogging And don't forget to send your audio or video comment to to be in to win Joseph Jaffe's amazing book Join the Conversation!  

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Health workers are amazing

It's been a weird week. In the midst of great busy-ness at work, we've had a sobering dose of reality.

Marie's cousin and his wife are over from the islands with their 8-week old baby. He has a hole in his heart, and complications which make it really difficult for him to breathe - and difficult to operate.

It's a crazy situation, and I really feel for the parents who have to choose between two impossible options - not operating, and possibly letting the baby die, and operating, and possibly making the baby suffer even more.

We had a family meeting this afternoon, with the cardiology team, a support worker and a Samoan interpreter.

Marie was in full advocacy mode, asking the questions that others couldn't think of how to ask. Meanwhile I was being invisible, observing. There was a lot to observe. Including:
  • Doctors have a huge job - heads of department even more so. Not only do you have to be really really good at your craft, you also have to be an expert communicator with people from different cultures. You have to display openness, break down complex information into simple ideas, and be ready to apologise when you need to.
  • Good interpreters are worth their weight in gold. Language is not like currency - it doesn't convert with a quick formula. Our interpreter today not only translated what was actually said, but more importantly helped ensure the whole family understood what was going on, and what their options were. She understood nuance, and was able to balance respectful politeness with bold questioning. I could learn a lot from this lady.
  • Getting sick in New Zealand (probably in any country) is a ridiculously inconvenient and expensive exercise. Doubly so when you're coming from overseas. Some social entrepreneur needs to apply the freeconomy thinking to the New Zealand health system.
Thanks very much to ortizmj12 for capturing how even the brightest of hospitals feel sometimes.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Jump In #15: ASB Bank's iwantahome corporate blog

(Find out more at ASB Bank's Toby Hilless and Janet Meacher discuss lessons learned from their company blog, You'll hear: * Who creates content for a company blog? * How to progress from magazine to blog * How to manage a constantly evolving publication Never miss a Jump In! Subscribe at