Thursday, 22 March 2007

Bum Rush the Charts

The people are flexing their power today, or tomorrow, depending on your time zone.

Bum Rush the Charts is an attempt by "all of us" to show the music industry that we don't freakin' need them! How do we show them that? By putting an independent artist at #1 on the iTunes store charts.

This is so Generation C! The power of many motivated individuals taking things into their own hands. Wonderful!

So today's the day, and there are detailed instructions at If you're in New Zealand, it'll cost only $1.79. Only trouble is, the iTunes store isn't working right now. Does this mean the project is a success and the servers are overloaded?

I previewed the track and it's great. Just one little comment to whoever chose the band - to make it a little more inclusive, could we have an artist that doesn't have soft-porn cover art next time?

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