Sunday, 11 March 2007

So I'm on Second Life now

I've jumped on the bandwagon that is Second Life - all in the name of journalism, you understand.

My avatar (pictured) is named Gerontius Wunderlich, and since this snapshot was taken, I've lost the party hat and acquired a headset mic. Don't know why but it looks cool.

I'll be reporting my exploits here and also in my monthly online column in NZ Marketing Magazine.

So far, I've discovered the worldwide headquarters of Crayon, a company that switched me onto the marketing potential of SL in the first place, and TOUCHCAST/NEXT, a New Zealand-based marketing company.

There's also some amazing creativity that goes on. When you don't have to deal with physical materials, the only limit is your imagination. Perhaps some of the products being developed in Second Life will make their way through to real life. Time will tell.


Bryan said...

Hi Simon. Thanks for your kind comments on my music! It was great meeting you in Second Life and interesting that two people from opposite sides of the world can walk onto the same virtual island and start a discussion.

Until you've used Second Life I don't think you realise how different it is from a chat room. It actually felt like I'd MET you, rather than just having had a text message chat. The upcoming voice features should enrich the experience.

There's certainly many uses for Second Life beyond recreation. Personally I'm hoping to promote my music (when I get my act together and record more!) and meet people who I can form a relationship with musically, promotionally and socially.

Hope to see you again soon (virtually of course!).

Bryan Page a.k.a. Jesta

Simon said...

Hi Bryan - Jesta.

Thanks, you're quite right, it was very different from an IM meeting. I look forward to seeing how you go with music promotion on SL - podcaster island certainly looks like an interesting place!

See you again - virtually or otherwise! :)