Monday, 1 December 2008

The problem of choice

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I know those far more learned than me have written about the problem or the paradox of choice, but I saw it in action at the Avondale Markets yesterday.

It's a great place, full of colour and life, but fear stalks every corner. Fear of the better bargain, just after you've decided to buy something.

This is worst with fruit and veges, where it's actually pretty difficult to compare apples with apples. Yes, those apples are cheaper, but they're also smaller and not as good quality.

So after a few circuits of the fruit and vege section of the market, our bags were still empty, and we had to just buy something.

Of course, we could have brought paper and marked down prices for absolutely everything we were after, but that would kind of be boring and/or irritating. Much better to enjoy the sun and the craziness that is Avondale market.
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