Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Had your Warhol moment yet?

I was sitting under an umbrella chatting with Ben about what I call micro-fame, one of the things Generation C has to contend with.

It's the idea that we can experience just a smidge of the issues genuinely famous people have to deal with, stuff like:

  • Having a conversational comment quoted on someone's blog
  • Having people know you (or feel like they know you) that you don't know
  • Because people feel like they know you, saying stuff that you wouldn't say to a stranger (good/bad)
Andy Warhol said everyone would have 15 minutes of fame, but it's really more like 15% of fame. Or, as some have said, "internet famous". Which I compare to being real-world famous in somewhere like Te Kuiti. (Which is not a bad thing!)

1 comment:

Ben Young said...

Haha "15% of fame" I guess it can be a bit like that, its just within that certain pod there are people with 'fame' vs others.

Small is the new big!