Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Buying me time

The office is echoing quite a bit this week, because not only is our officemate Charlotte is away this week, but so is Marie. And she will be until February!

There's a plan behind this. For some time now we've realised we - more specifically I - have to spend some solid time developing the infrastructure of iJump. That's been difficult because we've got to keep paying the bills. It took a while to figure out the best way to do it, but the answer is for Marie to grab a temp job over the (traditionally quiet) summer period while I get my head down and create some solid systems.

So she's back at her old employers (where different departments are fighting over her) while I'm trying to quickly finish some SimonYoungWriters work and then get into development mode.

It's just helped me to see how many interruptions there are in a day:

  • Phone calls (landline and mobile)
  • Email
  • Events, meetings etc
  • RSS feeds, Twitter
  • and worst of all, the distractions that come from my own mind!
As much as possible, I'm turning off what can be turned off, and switching them back on when I can give them my full attention. As for that last item on the list, well, I can only try and switch those off.

Today's amazing pic brought to you by gadl.
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