Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Fancy a tweetup?

Even if you don't actually use Twitter, it'd still be nice to meet you as a reader of this blog.

When: Thursday 18 December, 4:30pm
Where: Galbraith's Ale House, 2 Mt Eden Road, Auckland

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RSVP in the comments below, or just show up and look for the geeky folks in the corner :)


@scollings / @5556mall / @serendipityit said...

Sounds good - except the geeky bit.

Should be there!!

James said...

I would really love to, however the 1000 kilometer commute would be a little painful. Have a great time all; next time maybe! :D

Simon Gianoutsos said...

I'll be there!

@scollings said...

So, so far we have 3 Simon's - hmmmm

Chris Sparshott said...

Would really like to but am in Welly all day on Thurs :o( Have a good one!

classyadele said...

Dang...I'll only be in Auckland 25/12-3/1!! Heck....I can only be there 'in spirit' for now....!

Have a pint of Guinness for me! (or watever it is that they serve there)

Simon said...

Will do ... thanks Adele!