Wednesday, 8 October 2008

We need our alpha waves

I slept in half an hour this morning. It was sooo good!

As I woke up the second time around, I remembered the phrase "Without a vision, the people perish".

It's often used in organisations to get people focused on a singular vision, and getting busy. But sometimes getting a bit of sleep - especially REM sleep - is a really good thing.

Actually the original Hebrew reads something more like, without a revelation the people wander off.

Revelation: Now you might believe God reveals things in your sleep ... or you may not even believe in God. Either way, I think we can agree the process of dreaming can be very valuable for defragging the brain and unlocking new possibilities. When you can see things with new eyes, it's a revelation.

Perish: I used to think that was a one-time event, like an explosion. But it's a slow, dreadful rot ... like perishing rubber. It's still there but its usefulness has gone as it slowly perishes away. It's like wandering off track from the vision and direction you're on. And it's just as easy to do that while being really busy as it is while being lazy and distracted.

So look after yourself. Pace yourself. You're not running a sprinting race, you're climbing a mountain. At least, you could be ... may you be spared the joyless existence of just labouring away. May you have a mountain worth climbing. May I have one too.

Sleep well.


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