Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The changing face of celebrity

Check out this excellent interview Chris Brogan did with Brea Grant, star of Heroes (which I've got to admit, I haven't watched yet, despite a slight resemblance to Sylar).

It covers the issues facing celebrities using social media who genuinely want to maintain a connection with their fans. It's an issue that's relevant for anyone who wants to build a personal brand - and in fact small businesses too.

Meanwhile, Megan Maguire writes about why Gen Ys don't get the business applications of social media. It makes eminent sense that, while Gen Ys understand the technology, they often don't understand the business environment.

When we spoke to students who were part of the yMedia challenge, we expected them to be confident with their online presence, and honestly, we wondered where we could add value. We were surprised to hear 18-year-olds expressing the same fears and questions as large corporates - largely around how to manage their reputation (for potential employers, or for customers) and how to manage information overload.

There's a lot of work ahead! These are exciting times to be involved with social media.

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Matt @ Kurb said...

This is interesting because of the market spectrum opening up, something you mentioned briefly when you commented on my small biz blog.

Again, cool innovation, I hadn't really considered established celebs will need SM coaching/management too. As I said, delicate high end stuff is not for me, I'm an ROI monkey, but there's obviously lots of fresh turf out there.

Simon said...

Thanks Matt. Yes, I reckon we'd be surprised how many people need help from people like us, even though they appear to know how to publicise themselves. I guess it's because this is a weird space which has never really existed before, where it's not one-to-one, but it's not one-to-many either.