Friday, 10 October 2008

Nostalgia rocks

Major kudos to the ad agency that did Mainland Cheese's clever ad placement in the latest Taste Magazine.

While everyone else is trying to be new and high-tech, Mainland is playing to their strength - a nostalgic view that good things take time.

It starts with a back cover ad that's upside down, making you wonder whether this is one of those double-ended magazines. It's not, it's just upside-down, but inside is a detachable tabloid-sized newspaper (pictured) looking like one of those archival ones that has aged only somewhat gracefully:

It has recipes, but instead of writing them out in terse, action-oriented prose (the way I recommend you write web copy) they're stories. Fictional stories, with the gentle humour that us Kiwis inherited from the British and made our own. The humour that still survives in my parents' generation and in areas more than 10 kilometres from the city.

Even though I'm not a cook, and mostly a future-oriented kind of guy, this (fictional) blast from the past, from a simpler world, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. And possibly cheesy. Nice work, Mainland's agency!

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