Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The reason there is no blog post today

This is a blog post to tell you that I had planned a blog post on a variety of topics, including

  • economics
  • unions, politics and corporate social responsibility
  • the moral element of the current financial crisis around the world
  • perhaps Paul Newman, although that's probably been well blogged about already
  • social media (what else!)
But instead, I'm not posting at all today.

It's all because of the express train. First of all, I had to stand up in a crowded carriage, so no reading possible. Had to listen to my ipod instead. But that's okay, it's an express train, so the journey's fast - right?

Nope. We get to Newmarket, and wait. And wait. Then an announcement comes that we're expecting delays of up to 30 minutes!

Stuff this, I think, I'm going to catch a bus. Unfortunately, approximately one zillion other people got the same idea, so all of us at the bus stop outside Parnell Library had to watch about five buses go by, completely full. At least we had the sign there to show us when the next full bus would steam past so we could watch it.

There's something about public transport when it's not functioning well that feels really humiliating. Not just stressful, but humiliating. Or maybe I'm just paranoid.

After about an hour I saw Francis from HB Media, who had the initiative to suggest we share a cab. Otherwise I was seriously considering walking - which would be okay, except for that big hill in Grafton.

So anyway ... on the cab ride we saw an ambulance and two fire engines. Yeesh. And then when we got to Lorne Street there was a film shoot underway. Oh the excitement! I took a pic.

So anyway, enough moaning, here's what I'm thankful for today:

  • Even though our public transport sometimes has a big ol' FAIL, most times it works ok.
  • The power and internet are on. This is good.
  • I have enough health and strength that I could have walked if I needed to.
  • I had cash on me for the EFTPOSless taxi. Actually, that I had any money at all!
  • That I had the choice of getting off the train when it was delayed.
  • That really, my problems amount to less than a hill of beans in this troubled world.
So that's why I didn't post a blog post today. Have a great day!


Matt @ Kurb said...

I'm excited about the commitment to improving broadband shown this election.

Until I try and drive across auckland during the day and realise we've got much bigger problems . . .

Ben Young said...

This call alternatively be titled, a day in the life of simon

iain said...

That's the longest non-post I've seen. Well done Simon!

Simon said...

Matt - ROFL! So true...

Ben ... hopefully not a representative day...

Iain - cheers. It's a Clayton's Post, but it tasted like the real thing.