Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Community-generated video with Wapid - iJumpTV #38

Why is Marie eating a Memphis Meltdown 12,000 feet in the air? It's all because of Wapid.co.nz, a site that brings together marketers and online talent. Founder Scott Fenton tells us more. Referenced: http://www.wapid.co.nz/ http://blueskiesskydiving.co.nz/


Matt @ Kurb said...

Fascinating, awesome innovation but I anticipate a few kinks.

Once again, awesome staying connected to local stuff going on through youses!

Simon said...

Thanks! :)

What kinks do you foresee?

Adam Daniel Mezei said...

The big question I had was who exactly was recording Marie mid-flight? Was it you, Sy?

Simon said...

Naw, I was waiting on the ground. That was Aaron, the awesome tandem skydiving guy. Good at jumping, good at camera too!