Thursday, 2 October 2008

How to solve the world's problems by being a bit nicer

Some people say being nice gets you nowhere but that's bollocks. I know for sure that being rude and making people feel small might just be the cause of most of the world's problems.

We don't get good things done because we feel bad. We have stuff happening in our lives. Yet each of us has something to be thankful for. We also have something to give - in some people it's buried deeper than others - but it's our choice when, where or how we give that.

This morning I parked my car at the public carpark near the gym. The lady in the car next to me interrupted me to say how annoying it was when "gym people" use the public carpark, because it's so hard to find a park.

I had to explain to her that I park there all day, because I catch the train. So I'm not really a "gym person", just a commuter who uses the gym - and the public carpark.

"Thanks for listening to me rant," she said. As opposed to what? Turning my ipod up? Running away? Hm. She gave me lemons. I suppose by listening to her, I gave her some lemonade.

some people just like to complain


Ben Young said...

I second that.

Were you ever a Cub or a Scout? Remember the motto was to do 1 nice thing a day for someone else.

This seems to be lost in the city, a few weeks ago an old ladies car broke down in middle of Remuera road. So i jumped out, got my passenger to drive my car and pushed her car off the road. She was preparing to ring home for help.

Bring back the samaritans i say.

Sam said...

These days people seem to wary of strangers to do anything for them, the things I always remember are the random acts of kindness.

Donating money to someone you see on twitter who needs it for something, buying someone a gift because they seem down, helping the neighbour take out the trash.

All the little things add up, they don't take much time but it makes everyone's lives a little better.

Increasingly people seem to try and find the bad points in anything instead of the positives.

Simon said...

Thanks guys. Good thoughts...actually you've reminded me of a startup I heard about recently, Akoha:

A deck of cards where you get a "mission" or a random act of kindness ... sort of a pay it forward kind of thing. Sounds cool!

Robbie said...

Nice post...
Sometimes people just need to be heard - you left her in a better mood after talking to her... who knows who else she talked to today after you...