Thursday, 22 February 2007

What do I do again?

Another late night, and I'm writing again.

But actually, that is a good thing! I've been doing precious little writing lately, and for a writer, that's no good.

I did consider changing the company name to "Simon Young Talkers", "Simon Young Schmoozers" or, as I negotiated the awful Auckland traffic today, "Simon Young Wait-at-Traffic-Lighters".

But no, writing it is. And, much to my surprise, this year the plural "Writers" actually means something. I'm currently experiencing just enough abundance to be able to reactivate the subcontractor arrangement set up oh so many years ago now. Long may this abundance continue!

And the talking and schmoozing is likely to continue, too. I've got the Hitwise Online Performance Awards to go to tomorrow night, and the Marketing Awards on Friday night. I pick up the tux tomorrow!

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