Wednesday, 14 February 2007

The future is full of real people

It's a theme I've heard over and again - the disintermediated future means we can be ourselves.

This has implications for media, marketing, employment, everything.

In the mass media world, we presented the "one size fits all" version of ourselves. We dress conservatively, don't discuss our views on certain subjects, and maintain a general positivity.

In the niche world, which seems to be on its way, we do, be and say whatever the hell we want to. Examples:
  • 42Below vodka's viral advertising
  • Diggnation - watch these guys get drunk, swear gratuitously (although sometimes they say frickin' instead of the fruitier alternative) and be incredibly geeky
Okay, so that's only two examples. But I believe this is the way of the future. And it affects employment, too.

A podcast I heard yesterday from The Engaging Brand talked about incorporating emotion into the workplace. Good listening! I particularly liked what the host, Anna Farmery, does at the end of every meeting: asking each person "what are you thinking, what are you feeling about what we've just discussed?"

She also made the important point - this question needs to be asked in a context where all feelings are legitimate, ie there's not a 'correct' answer to this question.

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