Tuesday, 13 February 2007

"Deadlines" is one letter short of deadliness

Just been working on two projects where I wrote at length about blogging. Sad thing is, I haven't had time to blog or even read blogs lately... Looking forward to next week which should be a bit quieter (never say never...).

Headlines of note:
  • The top secret project I'm involved in is going to be an Open Source Film. A documentary of sorts. A soulscape / soul grab / soul capture. And it's going to be about Generation C. (Hey don't let the fact that it's secret stop you from asking questions!)

  • I'm on Second Life now - as Gerontius Wunderlich (that's my user name). I've only just learnt how to stop walking through things, and how to fly. Again, time is a crucial factor. But looking forward to exploring this new world and its people.

  • Darwin's Origin of the Species: A Biography has been a fascinating read so far, especially in the keys to the book's influence and success. And no, I'm not a Darwinist, and yes, I'm still enjoying reading the book.

  • Went to an interesting talk yesterday from Jim Scheinman, VP of sales and business development for Bebo, all the way from San Francisco. Best quote: "Online social networking is a much more efficient way to know your friends, and to stay friends." I get it, but efficiency in friendship still sounds bizarre! Still, Jim's words about engagement marketing really rang true, and judging by the numbers there, marketers are taking notice.

  • Speaking of engagement marketing, a Jehovah's Witness just knocked on the door. They have terrible sales and marketing, but maybe it's improving. Just one person this time, and moderately attractive (although I guess that's the luck of the draw - no offence to any ugly JW's out there!), and instead of the usual foot-in-the-door spiel, just "we're leaving these brochures with you and your neighbours". No long arguments, no hairsplitting, not even any "what do I have to say to get rid of these people". Welcome to the 21st century, Jehovah's Witnesses. Next thing Cobra will learn the same lesson. Or not!

  • Interesting podcasts I've heard recently: Behind the YouTube hits (very good listening!) and Breakthrough Ideas for 2007 (take notes - this is good stuff)
Right. On to the deadliness.

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