Tuesday, 25 November 2008

On Demand

Marie and I were at the mall on Friday, it had been a day of meetings, and we were in a mood to watch a movie.

Trouble is, it was 4.43pm, and there weren't any movies starting till after 6. What? Very strange. And then, there's the question of would the movies on after 6 be ones we liked? It's mass media thinking at its worst.

Wouldn't it be great to combine what's great about the movies (the shared experience, the big big screen, surround sound, fresh popcorn) with what's great about DVDs (you choose them, you start them when you want, it doesn't have to be "the latest", you can see films from years ago).

And it's possible - or at least a pretty good compromise is possible. You could take an unconference approach to your movie theatre, letting people suggest movies, and have the rest vote on when to see them. Sure, it wouldn't be the exact one-to-one experience we desire, but it would be a fun compromise. It would be fun because it's like a game. It would be social because you know the others in the theatre aren't just there for "whatever's on", but they actually chose the film you're seeing.

How would this work? It wouldn't work by charging membership like Fatso. I pay my Fatso membership because it comes to me. I don't go to the mall on a predictable basis. This needs to be something that works as a spur-of-the-moment thing, as well as an ongoing community that could collaborate online.

That was our thoughts standing in the movie theatre. We had similar thoughts at the zoo on Saturday, but I guess animals are less prone to do things "on demand" for us! :)

Cinema has great potential to give me what I really want
(Photo credit: Jonathan Posner)
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discounderworld said...

Interesting, made me think of two things: one, the movie set up on planes, separate screens and head phones, one big space, or 2, DVD bangs, which are all the rage in Asia. You take as many friends as you like, hire a room with couches, bean bags and popcorn, choose your movie and it pays on the screen. Fantastic idea! You could also have some system of collecting randoms to watch with you, making your overheads cheaper.

Jonathan Posner said...

Dear Simon,

Much as I'm flattered that you like my picture enough to post it on your blog I would appreciate it if you would either give me a credit, or else take it down. I think the protocol for such things is that, as owner of the copyright, it would be good to be asked first. But I enjoyed your blog while I was on it.

Best regards

Jonathan Posner

Simon said...

@discounderworld, fantastic idea!

@Jonathan sorry, my bad. Will add credit asap.

Jonathan Posner said...

Much appreciated, Simon, these slip-ups can be easy to make.