Thursday, 6 November 2008

Oh that's right, we have an election on Saturday here.

Yesterday's history-making election of Barack Obama as the 44th US President was mind-numbingly awesome.

Even though I was working alone in my office I was connected via Twitter, podcasts and streaming video (sometimes all at once) to what was going on.

I don't think it'll be that exciting in New Zealand this Saturday. We have the incumbent, who tends to talk to others like a cross schoolteacher, and the challenger, who seems to have squandered his opportunity to take leadership and doesn't even seem to have unity within his party.

What the two elections do have in common is the increasing role of the internet. In the US it was a whole lot of social media - you could argue that's what won Obama the vote.

In New Zealand the "volatile" polls done by research companies are being supplemented by predictive markets like PulseoftheNation and iPredict.

And for confused, disillusioned Generation Xers like me with no particular party affiliation, there's Pundit, which has a quiz to help you select a party by policy, not by news coverage.

There's - which lays all the policies out. But I'm lazy, so I think I'll take the pundit quiz instead.

If you're in New Zealand, good luck for choosing a candidate and party that suits you this Saturday.

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