Friday, 14 November 2008

Do people want to talk to companies via Twitter?

It'd be interesting to know, right? So I asked the other day, and here's what a whole lot of you said:

Annabel Youens
ayouens @audaciousgloop yes please. I love talking to companies through Twitter
Darryl Burling
darrylb @audaciousgloop Use twitter to communicate with people - not companies. People in companies is a good thing IMHO
Vye Perrone
vye @audaciousgloop like : @ New World - how come you stopped stocking Buderim lime & ginger marmalade, now I have to go to Countdown
Vye Perrone
vye @audaciousgloop Yes - think twitter is particularly suitable for quick feedback - where I wouldn't bother writing a letter...
Richard Maxwell
JodiTheTigger @audaciousgloop Communicate with companies using twitter? We'll I have already done it with @orcon and @vodafone and it has been a good exp.
thatwebguy @audaciousgloop I think that would be a great idea, a lot of companies already do it like @zappos. But more would be great! Any thoughts???
marklincoln @audaciousgloop sure to the extent of general updates and as a starting point to initiate conversations elsewhere.
Joss Debreceny
jossdeb @audaciousgloop Yes - but above all they need to answer queries at all. Most don't answer email or do so badly.
Jason Ryan
jasonwryan @audaciousgloop If they are willing to genuinely communicate back, then yes...
_june @audaciousgloop Certianly not every company, but for those who is suits. I like being part of their community, and them being part of mine
Stephen Collins
trib @audaciousgloop in order seeya and an unequivocal yes.
mrjudkins @audaciousgloop I would like the opportunity to provide feedback or ask questions, if they didn't spam me & I felt they were genuine.
Tony Eyles

That's a lot of varieties of "yes" and only one "no". Very interesting!

Meanwhile, Warren Sukernek went and did a proper scientific survey. Nice one!
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Francois Bondiguel said...

Interesting question!
As a co-founder of a web startup, I believe twitter is a great way to engage conversation with our users. Not so long ago, we integrated Twitter into our app to keep people updated of the last upgrades and new features. Unfortunately, Twitter breaks too often :(

People can use Twitter to send us feedback. However, not everybody is a Twitter users, so comments are not necessarily representative of our users population.

To sum up, Twitter is a good tool but it is up to the company to use it wisely ;)

Simon said...

Thanks Francois, the issue of representativeness (is that a word?) is a good one.

Obviously people who complain about a product through Twitter or even on their blog won't be representative of a normal user/customer...

...but their comments are still extremely findable online, and therefore can affect the perceptions of others.

Warren said...

Simon, Thanks for the kind words and linking to my blog. Direct feedback is always helpful though. I enjoyed reading the answers to your question.

Simon said...

Thanks Warren!