Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Links Roundup

Interesting stuff I'm noting down - might as well share it too:
  • Will Ferrel and his co-writer are taking on user-generated online content: FunnyOrDie. More in this Hollywood Reporter article. (Hat tip: Skip Press)
  • The Sundance Institute is looking for ways to make the world a greener place - just pitch them on film in one minute or less! That is exciting!
  • Wired Magazine's Elliot van Buskirk reckons MySpace's glory days may be over - and it's all over widgets. Interesting. In New Zealand, Bebo outranks MySpace by far. And in Brazil, Orkut is all the rage.
  • An Accenture survey says that, according to entertainment industry executives, the greatest threat to the industry is the audience. Generation C does things differently, folks! The talk is of what kind of content will work, and that's necessary to think about, but let's also spend some time understanding the people in the equation. If the audience is a problem - why not ask them for help? Which is precisely what is trying to do.

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