Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Dogs and sheep

On a spiritual note...

While walking this morning I saw a dog running across a field towards a man who was walking. Must be his owner? No. The dog stopped, looked a little confused, then started running towards me!

It didn't take the dog long to realise I wasn't the one he was looking for, either. I held out my hand so he could sniff it, but he gave me that funny look dogs do when you're not the right person - you know, head slightly cocked, ears perked so as to suggest a frown.

He was a good boy (I guess it was a boy?) - he kept a safe distance from me, and then stood around looking for where on earth his person was. He was going to wait.

If I were that dog, would I wait for my master? Or would I go along with whoever held their hand out to me?

Jesus talked about sheep, and hearing voices. Specifically, hearing his voice. That's a skill I'm working on today.

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