Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Why social media can be hard to explain (warning: contains postmodernism)

As Blake says, I think too much. I've started, so I need to get this out. 

Social media is hard to explain sometimes. Not the big picture stuff, that's easy. I mean the specifics of "what you see on your Facebook news feed". Or any other page on Facebook (or Twitter, or LinkedIn) for example. 

Because it's all personalised, everyone's page is different. It's customised to their network, their choices, their actions. It's completely subjective.

And that coincides quite nicely with what I understand of the concept of postmodernism (disclaimer: I'm not a philosopher, nor have I formally studied philosophy). Postmodernism acknowledges that our perception is ultimately subjective, that while there may be an objective truth, none of us are really able to get it. 

Social media actually illustrates this side of postmodernism quite well, taking it from an abstract concept to something we can all relate to. 

What do you reckon? Do the works of Derrida come alive through your Facebook news feed, or am I overthinking it?

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