Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Is Technorati still worth it?

When I first started with social media, Technorati was supposed to be the top way to get inbound links and measure your authority. 

Over the years, I've heard different things about Technorati, mostly that their authority rankings were not reflecting any kind of reality. Thankfully there are other ways of telling if a blog is influential or not, such as Google PageRank, the number of retweets and likes each post has, and even the number of comments.

Still, Technorati probably plays some small part in the ecosystem, which is why I'm pasting this code HGE99VYGD89C to claim this blog. 

What's been your experience with Technorati?

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Robin Capper said...

I used to rate Technorati back about 2004 when I started blogging. However since the other search engines started indezing blog posts better it got less relevant. Now I never use it and wonder who does?

Simon said...

I wonder the same, Robin. Thanks for your comment!