Wednesday, 24 March 2010

What I had for breakfast this morning (an ironic take on stereotypes of blogging)

So food. It gets talked about all the time when it comes to social media.

"Why would I go on Twitter?" people say. "I don't want to know what someone had for breakfast!" 

And yet ... from my personal experience on Twitter (3-odd years, 6000-odd followers) tweets about food get the most interaction.

Maybe it's the way I say it: "Crumpet emergency! We are out of Nutella and/or jam". That one led to a lot of great comments back from people with great suggestions - including mixing butter and brown sugar (mmm!) 

Why? Because everyone eats food. No-one doesn't eat food. Food and music are two of the great social connectors. 

So next time you're scratching your head, wondering what to blog about, or tweet about (etc!) maybe just try saying - with a bit of dramatic flair - what you had for breakfast.

Mine, by the way, was supposed to be porridge, but ended up being some of that nice new Vogels cereal (well, new to me, because I haven't tried it before). My verdict: Mmmm! 

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