Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Blenheim

This is the ship my great-great-great-grandparents arrived to New Zealand in, in February 1840, the same month the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. 

They arrived at Port Nicholson (now known as Wellington) expecting an established settlement, and found the rugged hills and empty beaches. 

Home was either back in Scotland on the other side of the world, or here. They chose here. You could say they didn't have much choice, but their choice was in their attitude. 

Every day they inspire me to choose here. To choose now.

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Hiddle Diddle said...

Hello Simon, you might be interested to know that I am reading a daily journal of a friends great grandmother who was a passenger on board the ship BLENHEIM- the same one that you mention that sailed from Glasgow to Port Nicholson. VERY interesting with great characters. Lots of different events recorded very colourfully and even the account of her little daughters death on board. I said to my friend it would make a very good drama/doco if someone took it up. My eldery friend is living in Wanganui, and I will show him what you wrote. The passenger list is also part of the journal. If he approves I would be happy to give you names etc. It would be interesting to know the name of your relative, as the lady writing mentions various passengers by name and all the goings on.

Hiddle Diddle said...

Oh just discovered her journal is on the net anyway...

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment! Great to check out your friend's journal online - very cool.

Anonymous said...

Hay yes this is the same boat that my great great great grandparents came over on.. they bought with them their children and their parents as well. I must say I would love to know where this pic came from as Ive been hunting for the same boat for 2 weeks now and google site of Duncan Dunbars fleet says they never drew a pic of her.. theres a remake of the ship and drawn by the Indianman of 1853 and is not the ancestors were the Camerons, McLachlans.