Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Twestival Press Release

11 Feb 09

NZ Twitterers Kick off Worldwide Charity Event

Online social networkers show the power of social media for social good.

This Thursday, 12 February, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch will be the first places in the world to kick off a worldwide Twestival.

Founded in 2008 in London by Amanda Rose, a Twestival is simply a group of Twitter users meeting in the real world, and raising funds for CharityWater.

Attendees donate $10 towards CharityWater, either at the door or online at the event page for each city (Auckland , Wellington or Christchurch).

Twestival arose from the popular idea of "tweetups", that is, meetups of people who use Twitter.

Twitter, a microblogging service that launched in late 2006, has recently caught media attention as a reporting tool during crises such as the Victorian bushfires and the Mumbai terrorist attacks. 

More than just a breaking news service, Twitter is a microcosm of the effects of social media in general: friendship, dialogue, business networking, and information sharing. "We're just seeing the beginnings of the changes social media can make," says Simon Young of social media consultancy iJump, one of the companies supporting Twestival.

The Auckland Twestival 2009:

The Wellington Twestival 2009:
  • Venue: Mighty Mighty
  • Time: 5:30pm

The Christchurch Twestival 2009:
  • Venue: His Lordships Cafe and Bar
  • Time: 5pm

For more information, contact:

Simon Young, Cofounder/Catalyst
Ph 021 192 0016
Twitter @audaciousgloop

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