Friday, 27 February 2009

How the government can help me create jobs and growth

John Key is asking us for ideas on how to help create jobs and growth. So here's my biggest recommendation, as a business owner and potential employer:

  • invest heavily in plain language training, so we can quickly understand compliance and actually do what you require.
  • invest heavily in usability for government websites, including perhaps some standard architecture so we know a government website when we see it, and don't have to relearn how to get around.
  • design government websites and departments around our needs as business leaders, to reflect our reality, and not the structure of internal silos.
  • invest in exercises to give those responsible for helping us (IRD, Companies Office, Department of Labour, etc) empathy and understanding of what we actually do.
By the way, nice speech, John! Superb counterpoint to the prevailing gloom.

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