Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Proximity-Based marketing (and a free book!) - iJumpTV #49

Mobile social networking and marketing are going to be big in the next five years. But where will the ideas come from? Geosmart, the people behind the Location Innovation Awards, hope they'll come from you.

We talk to Geosmart's Luigi Cappel about the potential of location-based marketing, and where the entries are coming from.

We're also giving away three copies of Luigi's ebook, Unleashing the Road Warrior, to the first three commentors on this video!


Fraser said...

Hey, too bad I can't make it to the Twestival. Would be keen to have a read of the book. Sounds all good.


Simon said...

Hey Fraser, thanks for commenting! Shoot me your postal address (my email address is simon [at] ijump.co.nz) and we'll get that book off to you.