Tuesday, 1 April 2008

My first year in office

It's been a year today since I've been in this office in the heart of Auckland City.

And what a year!

About this time last year, Marie and I were busy unpacking desks, chairs, bookshelves and trying to assemble the kitset coffee table. It took all day, and it was soo fun.

We ended up eating Wendy's (where Marie used to work many years ago) at around 9:30pm.

Since then, here are a few lessons learnt:

  • Life is hard, and it's meant to be. You can't half-ass business, or life. There are ways to succeed, and they are always more expensive, more time-consuming and more detailed than you want them to be - but it is worth it, when you look at the long view.
  • In a virtual world, cities are more important than ever. I love being in town, not just because I can walk to most appointments, but because I'll randomly bump into people I know. Plus, people in the city tend to be doing more exciting things than the people in Waterview (the last suburb we lived in) - although that's only based on what I can see! :)
  • Sometimes it's hard to see when you've done well. Can I be really honest with you? Things have been pretty tight in the last year. Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing something wrong, but then I realise, hello!, I'm paying for an office in the centre of New Zealand's largest city, and my wife is working with me full time. All things considered, things have been pretty successful!
For this year, we're planning to share the office. Marie's now working from home most days, so there's a lot of empty space going begging. There's a bit of an echo in here! I want to soften the sound with some people. We'll be offering monthly, weekly and casual rates because I know often freelancers don't know their schedule (or finances) well enough to make a long-term commitment. More details soon!


David said...

Hey Simon!

Congratulations on your anniversary! (not an April Fools gag?)

I can relate to the sentiment - "we're doing better than we think we are".. sometimes it helps to put things in perspective :)


Simon said...

Hey thanks for that! And no, not an April Fool's gag... :) But it is a good reminder to not get cocky and foolish!

Johnny-johnny said...

Nice post Simon. I would echo your sentiments about being where there is activity versus where there is not.

I remember the experience that was my first office too. It's one of the big pieces of advice I would have to give. Get an office. Working from home doesn't. (Usual exceptions and caveats apply...)

Simon said...

Hehe .. I had to think a bit about "Working from home doesn't" !

(Don't tell Marie! She's loving the 5-second commute, and our daily videoconference is kinda cool)

Johnny-johnny said...

"daily videoconference"?

Is that what the kids are calling it these days...?


Ilai said...

Hey seen this: http://www.coworking.ie/information-about-ireland/

might not be what your after but interesting concept non the less... this guy's trying it in Belfast http://www.davidjrice.co.uk/articles/2008/3/28/co-working-belfast-plan

Simon said...

Thanks Ilai, will check those out. You wanna be the first inmate? (What should we call them ... tenants is not a good word ... patient??)

Ilai said...

I may actually be looking for an institutional venue to - rehabilitate in - I mean work from - very soon!

Simon said...

Excellent! Keep in touch.