Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Freight Train

There are so many things I should blog about. Our recent social media one-day workshop, for instance, or our trip to Taupo, Napier and Rotorua (here are some photos, anyway).

But what I'm going to blog about today is a freight train I saw. I'm smacking my head (metaphorically) that I forgot to take a photo.

Commuter trains are kind of cute. They have much more character than buses, and there's something ... comforting about them.

Freight trains are something different. They are wild horses. They are ravenous beasts. They stop for no one, and their roar is shrill and piercing. They carry a kind of pain and urgency, as they break through the bells that signal their arrival and hurry on, their empty ribs speeding past, wordlessly threatening anyone who dare cross their path.

At least, that's what I thought as the freight train went by this morning.

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