Saturday, 29 March 2008

This blog post has a title?

Q: Hi Simon and welcome to Askablogr! Love the post about getting your chutzpah back - I know how that feels. When you get a sec, will you please introduce youself and your blog to the community? Cheers!
Posted by Chris DeVore

A: Hi Chris! Thanks so much for your coment.

I'm a guy from New Zealand who's passionate about marketing, entrepreneurship and the future of business. I have a habit of trying out new things (hence signing up to askablogr - nice interface by the way!) and help others find the new things that are right for them.

I run two businesses, SimonYoungWriters and iJump, and am part of and A Bigger Voice (site coming soon).

Mad Young Thing is the place where I collect my random, and potentially interesting, thoughts about business, life, spirituality, writing, reading, movies, music, entertainment and books I'm reading.

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