Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Jump In #17: Breakthrough Strategist Jake Pearce

This week we talk blogging with breakthrough strategist and Generation C expert Jake Pearce. Hear how a solo consultant uses blogging to amplify word of mouth, and get his ideas across. And dont forget to send your audio or video comment to simon@ijump.co.nz to be in to win Joseph Jaffes amazing book Join the Conversation!  


Marc said...

When Jake had a sip of that beer I looked at my watch - 10:30am, damn too early. Seriously though enjoying these videos, there's something special about watching people instead of just reading them. Related to the "W", that's how i felt at the start of blogging, I'm over it now, it's a conversation and thought dump/diary for me also.

Simon said...

Hi Marc,

Fantastic comments, thanks very much for them. Mind if I re-post them in the comments at iJump.co.nz? You've summed up what I believe makes video podcasting special.

Have also subscribed to your blog.

Marc said...

No prob. BTW, I just discovered iJump in iTunes today, that's really good. I've well and truly crossed the 50% mark in my iPod consumption versus TV. Much better content and in my time frame.

Simon said...

Awesome. That is really helpful feedback. Thanks!