Thursday, 13 September 2007

Picking on podcasters

I'm just reading 20 "do's" for your corporate podcast, this week's free download for members of Interesting.

I've only read points one and two, and I can think of some really good exceptions to the rules:

1. Podcasts should be short. In most cases, 30 minutes is too long; 15 minutes should
be the max, unless you’re interviewing Osama Bin Laden.

Yeah, but what about the enormously popular For Immediate Release, Across the Sound, or Shrink Rap Radio, which all clock in at an hour minimum per episode? And I haven't heard Osama on any of them. (Yet).

2. Take your podcast seriously, not yourself. For example, don’t introduce yourself as “America’s most practical small-business marketing expert.” Do we need to be
prompted to think that?

That's a cheap shot at John Jantsch, who does Duct Tape Marketing. Admittedly, he's stopped calling himself that (I think). And it doesn't come across too well for me - just as well he has a great personality and easy manner to get beyond the hyperbole. But that's part of his brand, not just his podcast strategy - why pick on him?

Apart from that, there are some pretty good ideas for podcasters. Maybe not hard "do's", but some food for inspiration, anyway.

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