Monday, 2 July 2007

Mobile- the next mass media?

Faster Future: Publishing possibilities now and beyond: Mobile as the 7th Mass Media

Thought-provoking stuff about the future of media. I was talking with my mum (who doesn't own a computer or a cellphone, and lives out of coverage area for all but 2 TV channels in Auckland) about online media (as you do). I said things start to get mainstream when they get simple.

Trademe's an example (and I actually got that in a discussion with Kevin Bowler, CEO of Yahoo!Xtra). He said it's simple enough for mums and dads to use. That's the beauty of Web 2.0 - you don't need to understand that AJAX stands for whatever it stands for to use it.

So with cellphones... when they get actually simple to use - which the iPhone seems to promise - it's entirely possible they will become the next mass medium.

Bring it on. We could definitely use some phones/browsers/minicomputers/messaging devices that are easy to use.

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