Thursday, 3 May 2007

Silent morning

Didn't listen to any podcasts this morning on the bus.

No particular reason, just didn't feel like getting the headphones on.

What a great experience! I'd forgotten what it was like to just sit and observe the world around me. People are so interesting!

Ended up feeling kind of an unplugged euphoria, thinking thoughts like "human race, you are beautiful"! Got to watch that, might end up feeling kindly towards my fellow beings.

Seriously, though, I feel that one of the biggest needs in the infoverload age is balance. If you're an entrepreneur (and if you are, chances are you're that way inclined), look for opportunities to bring balance, perspective and context to people's lives. We've got so much choice today we kind of need a few customised ground rules to help us enjoy life.

Hmm. All of those things - balance, choice, ground rules, customisation - are trends about Generation C. Interesting...


Cristian said...

I sometimes get caught in my little world that i forget to look around myself and enjoy the simple things that surround us more.

David said...

I drive a lot, and get spend a lot of time sitting in traffic. I find that if I have a podcast to listen to, at least my mind can focus on something besides the monotony of city driving. It actually noticeably lowers my stress levels :)

Simon said...

I'm like you most days, David, that's why this occasion was a very rare and special moment! :)