Monday, 14 May 2007

I don't love Lovemarks today

A brand lives or dies on customer experience.

I'm spring-cleaning my email, so I'm switching all of my non-personal emails to my Gmail address. Should be simple enough, but many email newsletter platforms make this simple task onerous.

Take for example. To change my address, I have to login to the site, using a password I can't remember (I'm not a regular visitor), so I have to click "forgotten password" and wait ten minutes (yes!) for a new password - which I then have to change.

I'm successful changing the address on one account, but then remember I've accidentally created two accounts - probably the last time I tried to change the address!

So I try to change the other account to my Gmail address. No dice. Even when it says I was successful, I can see it still has my old email address. What's wrong with you, Lovemarks?

So now I want to delete this unnecessary account, but there's no way of doing it. I am stuck with it. Forever.

Lovemarks, if you love someone, you've got to let them go!


editor-lovemarks said...

Hi Simon,

We were made aware of your blog post on the difficulty that you've experienced with the login/de-register functions on

Just to let you know that we have taken your insights into consideration. We have made some changes (and continue to make improvements) that will hopefully make the experience a lot more efficient and friendly.

If you have any more suggestions, don't hesitate to send them through to us.

Best regards,



Simon said...


Thank you very much Sarah, I am very pleasantly blown away!