Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Insurance for the hip and trendy

I've often come across insurance brokers who are trying to make insurance more interesting. I don't blame them, it's pretty boring, and it has the added burden of not adding any value - it's the product you don't want to use.

So it's interesting to see a press release about "the first NZ life insurance offerings that specifically target the Internet-savvy ‘Generation C' "!

More here, and I've also blogged about it on our Generation C blog.


DJ said...

Boy its good to be noticed. And being a life insurer its even harder. Yep, we certainly have gone out of our way to turn the life insurance industry on its head. Imagine visiting a fun site to buy life insurance. The mind bloggles!! We invite all Gen-C'ers to pay us a visit...
Thanks Simon - yes we watch your site too!!
Ed Saul
Pinnacle Life

dipak upadhyay said...

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