Tuesday, 3 August 2010

My #ragtagleadership presentation at BarCamp (MP3)

Ragtag Leadership At Barcamp Auckland 2010 by Simon Young  
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RagTagBarCamp.mp3 (17138 KB)

It's been a while since I've been worked on the book, but I have been watching Firefly, and the brilliant finale of Doctor Who. Never an idle moment.

But finally I've edited the audio recording from my BarCamp presentation, and include it here with the slides. 

Highlights include:
  • My sound recorder cutting out periodically
  • People talking over each other (such enthusiasm!)
  • A premature finish (we had a little misunderstanding over timing, so keep listening after the applause)
  • Some great comments and feedback on the core idea, including:
  • What happens to a ragtag team when they have to answer to a higher authority (e.g. a board? Corporate leadership?)
  • What about Han Solo? He went from a sole trader/partnership to being a general in a much larger army. What lessons can we learn from him?
  • What makes leadership different from mere courage?
  • As I mentioned in the last post, the Doctor Who model seemed to get lost in the process, so I'll need to rethink how that gets introduced. Perhaps the core of the book is the comparison between the two key ideas of Star Trek vs Firefly. I think the consultant model (The Doctor) is still very important (not least because I fall into that category!)
  • Would love to hear your thoughts! Let's keep this discussion going.

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