Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Unsung heroes of Connect Now

Over the three days of Connect Now we got to see some amazing people up front. There were also some amazing people behind the scenes. Here are some of them (I'm sure I will have forgotten some)

For blogging:

Gavin Heaton @servantofchaos for providing thoughtful context on this blog and through his Twitter feed.
Warlach for providing an alternative live coverage of the event, again providing context and perspective. His first, second and third day coverage. 
Kaila Colbin @kcolbin for writing the fastest, most thorough blog posts around! 

For being an integral part of the conference experience:

Jade Craven @jadecraven 
Lisa @lovewinenz for keeping us on time, all the time (and looking after our speakers!)
Stephenie Rodriguez @digitalgodess for berocca, livestreaming and just being awesomely supportive.
And of course, Siobhan Bulfin, for being audacious enough to not just dream it, but do it. 

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