Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Warrior thing (nothing to do with league)

I just had a really annoying incident, but for some weird reason, I really enjoyed it.

One of my sites got hacked. It's happened before, and although it got resolved, we never did figure out how it happened.

So it happened again, and I was tearing my hair out, trying to stop it happening. And then I changed tack.

I looked at what this pathetic little monster had defaced my site with... I read his semi-literate message. And it had a username and an email address.

This was not a malicious hack... I mean, I didn't lose access to my files, nor was my site being used to propogate a virus. It was just a severe annoyance and a loss of an afternoon I didn't have to lose in the first place.

So what was it, if not outright malicious?

I Googled the username, and found a site called Zone H, which lists the exploits (literally!) of hackers around the world. The news part is very interesting, it gives an insight into the motivation... from the site: "defacement is a media" ... really? Yes. It's often a form of protest or activism... hacktivism, they call it.

Okay, so now it was personal. This attacker had left enough personal information about himself on the site to make it a mini-vendetta for me.

And I beat the sucker. I found out - painfully, through trial and error - where I'd let him slip in, and I beat the bastard.

Strangely satisfying. A bit like Kirk beating the tar out of Finnegan.

Reminds me of the workshop I was on on the weekend. Very much about peace and love, but at the same time we were told - especially the men among us - about being a warrior.

And I guess this was a great example.

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Sasha d'Entremont said...

Go you social media ninja you!