Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Why you shouldn't live as if today was your last day

Sometimes people lay that out as an instant key to know what's important in life. It's not ... if today was my last day, I'd probably try to do everything ... and not do anything well.

More inspiring for me is ... what would you do, if you had 50 years, and could only do one thing? Even forgetting 50 years, what about if you could do only one thing TODAY... ?

Of course, life's not like that, and neither is business. Businesses especially have to diversify their operations in ways that don't always feel comfortable or make brand sense. That's why we have brands - for ourselves as much as for others - to know what it is we're about. And why we do the things we do.

But having that thought - what if I could only do ONE thing? - is a great place to start. Who knows, you might actually get something done, and in a lot less time than 50 years!


Captain Mac said...

I'd spend 50 years being an oil boy for Hawaiian Tropic models - I don't think the job is open though!

Good stuff Simon - too often we lose focus or (given the changing times) panic, resulting in nothing getting done.

Clear thinking is always the best way. Now, where's that oil?

Simon said...

Thanks for the comment ... and good luck with the oil!