Monday, 1 September 2008

The Dark Knight and Word of Mouth

"You've changed everything."

Batman changed the face of Gotham City's crime, and we've changed the face of trusted recommendations.

To be honest, The Dark Knight's trailer didn't grab me. At all. But when friends offline and online started raving over it, unanimously, without one negative review, I paid attention.

I'm glad! We finally saw it on Friday night on the big IMAX screen. So, so good on so many levels. An immensely satisfying filmgoing experience.

Then last night I was weeding out the RSS feeds in my Google Reader. My criteria for what stayed:
  • relevant
  • consistent
  • consistently relevant :)
  • helpful
  • made me feel connected
  • informative
So now I'm trying to apply the same ideas to my own blog. Please let me know how I'm doing? I've opened comments to anyone; you don't need to login to comment. Thanks!


Bradley John Dunn said...

this film was great, im a sucker for comic book movies though.

good idea on the relevence too, its always good to keep things potent for the public.

I've got a friend who runs one of the most viewed blogs in Australia, and has a pretty massive international readership.

she said to me one day 'once i started writing as if it were a magazine it went ballistic' - Karen Cheng.

Good advice perhaps.

My advice,
avoid the groaners.

Simon said...

That's awesome! Thanks Brad, I appreciate that. Ballisticity, here we come :)

Missy said...

Its my favorite film of the year so far.
It just passed the 500 million mark which is insane.

Simon said...

Thanks Missy, it deserves every penny!

I think a lot of that box office is people going back to see it a second time.

Ben Young said...

Yet to see but your right the word of mouth is driving it. It's almost a disservice amongst my social group to not have seen it yet!