Friday, 26 January 2007

This is not a bribe

This is very meta. I had a great discussion with Deborah Pead of Pead PR about PR and journalism, part of an upcoming report for Marketing Magazine on the PR industry.

Among many other things, we talked about transparency in the world of the blog, journalistic integrity, and how an incentive competition could be misconstrued as bribery.

We discussed a beer brand that Pead represents (Amstel) and I mentioned I'd never heard of it. (I do need to get out more often!)

At the end of the discussion, Deborah gave me the shining six pack you see in the photo.

As I walked out of the very swanky Newmarket offices, I had that troubling thought, "should I have accepted that?"

Some journalists may have refused the offer. Instead, I accept, and then blog about it.

Transparency. Got to love it! :)

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