Monday, 19 July 2010

Email is evil?

We're at our two day online marketing and new media class/seminar/workshop thing ... and we're thinking...

  • is email relevant?
  • it's annoying
  • intrusive
  • time consuming
  • addictive
  • often poorly written with lots of seplling mistakes
  • not as good as a phone call 
  • impersonal - cos you could see someone, but who wants to see people?
  • necessary - we wouldn't be without it
  • fast 
  • traceable - could get you into trouble - eg. when you address to the person you're writing about.
  • full of spam
  • fills up your inbox
  • personalised fonts and auto signatures with photos of cats and comic sans writing (ugh!)
  • people who leave FWD>FWD>FWD> etc! So untidy
  • (not so evil) Angels etc. made out of emoticons - quite clever
  • LOL 
  • Email language hz bcum mr lk txt language >:-(
  • Demands a quick response
  • People who put "high priority" on every email
  • People who forward really bad jokes
Okay, I think that's enough. So is email really evil? Or are there a few good features in there?

(Thanks for the photo, gagilas!) 

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