Friday, 8 January 2010

It's the putting right that matters

I decided to try the much-more-expensive-but-ostensibly-better-for-me EcoStore anti dandruff shampoo recently.

It wasn't so good. Gave me more dandruff.

So I rang up, left a message asking for next steps to get a refund.

Got a call from Angie, who was really great. She explained their back story, that their previous formulation never had any complaints, but their current formula had a few complaints similar to mine.

She then asked if I'd be interested in trying the old formulation. Worth a try!

Great customer service is leadership. Angie led me towards a different solution that might just be of more value to me than a cash refund.

The customer can also help. I was my usual friendly self, even though I was making a complaint.

Being nice to people really does make life easier, 90% of the time. And the nicer you are the 90% of the time, the more effective is the 10% when you bring out the big guns :)


EssenteeWeb said...

Huh. A good product - it works for me better than any other product I've tried in my whole life! Good to hear good customer service story tho. Now I'm even more of a fan.

Simon said...

Thanks for your comment! If this works I'm a convert too.