Wednesday, 28 January 2009


If you won the lottery today, why would you be happy? (I'm assuming you'd be happy?)

In this present moment, your actual circumstances are the same. You still have only a few hundred dollars in the bank. But you know there's something to come.

Or say you're riding a train. If it stops between stations, with no explanation, you can get a bit anxious. But if someone announces that the delay will be no more than 10 minutes, it's not so bad.

Hope is not an ethereal thing. It's a very tangible thing. It can be as simple as having a "you are 70% finished" indicator on an online survey. Yet it makes a big difference.

Obama talked about hope a lot, and it won him the presidency.

How can you use real hope in your business, organisation or life today?


anony-mouse said...

Right now I would be happy because I could replace my whole wardrobe. And boy it needs it - freelancing through summers means there's no cash though.

Simon said...

Been there! Persevere, something good's just around the corner! :)