Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The benefits of commuting

Worked from home yesterday, which was a welcome relief from the treadmill (literally, as I didn't go to the gym, and metaphorically).

But today I'm back on the treadmill (the metaphorical one, anyway) and already I've consumed a whole heap of information before hitting the work day. Whether I can turn that knowledge into useful action is another thing! :)

But here's what I consumed this morning:

1) A fantastic interview with Erich Joachimsthaler, co-author of Brand Leadership, about how to hardwire innovation into an organisation.

2) The always salubrious For Immediate Release, where I learned about the SEC's IDEA, and that Brits call PR professionals, PR's. My next question, why do the British call marketers marketeers? Is it something to do with musketeers or privateers?

3) Chapter 5 of Groundswell, listening to the groundswell. It's such a well-written introductory text!

4) Paul Dunay's interview with Dotster's Catherine Brown - which, ironically, echoed much of the same info from this morning's Groundswell chapter.

5) Marketing Over Coffee, where I learned about 80s music and Filipino cover bands, among the useful stuff

and I had to stop listening because I'd arrived at work, but am looking forward to:

6) Researchtalk.co.uk's Pre-Cast for this year's ESOMAR conference, where among other things they'll be discussing brands as collective constructs. I can't wait!


admin said...

Hi Simon,

There's a link to the podcast in this post http://www.researchtalk.co.uk/rt/2008/08/21/esomar-08-keynotes-on-keeping-pace-with-change/
where it says 'Listen to the podcast here'.



Simon said...

Thanks Surinder! I'll add that link to the post.