Wednesday, 21 May 2008


I've just come back from a business breakfast where I heard Charlie "Tremendous" Jones talk about - well, all sorts of things.

He's a motivational speaker with 60 years' experience in business. Yes, 60.

He talked about being a giver not a thumbsucking numbskull, why reading is better than talking, and how he came to know Jesus.

But more than anything he said was just the fact he was standing there. He's not only in his 80s, he is fighting cancer which he knows will take him sooner or later.

Marie and I bought some of his books and I got him to sign one. He gave me the warmest, most affectionate hug I've ever had from a complete stranger. There is someone who is giving as much as he can until every little bit of life is gone from him. That's more than words can say.

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